Stay in style! The trendiest spot in Rome! - 4 star – Rome

Stay in style! The trendiest spot in Rome! – 4 star – Rome

Stay in style! The trendiest spot in Rome! – 4 star – Rome

A unique and charming Top Secret Hotel set in the trendiest quarter in Rome will guarantee your trip to the capital is once in a lifetime! Just a short 10 minutes stroll from the historic and iconic Vatican City with its many museums, churches and art galleries, the property enjoys a prime location for exploring the very best in Rome. Other nearby attractions include St. Peter’s Basilica and Castel Sant’ Angelo, and there are several convenient metro stations to whisk you to all the other major tourist sites around the city as well as the airports and main train stations.

This secret hotel, ‘Stay in style! The trendiest spot in Rome! – 4 star – Rome’, boasts a warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout, with guest rooms designed with contemporary furnishings and details and many modern amenities. Some of the luxury features include a private bathroom with bathtub and whirlpool, PC with free internet access, free mini-bar, balcony and four-poster bed, and for families travelling with young children there are additional cots available. Guests are welcome to make use of the free bicycle hire from the hotel reception in order to travel around the city in a more traditional and leisurely manner.

As well as the most famous landmarks within the Vatican, such as the Basilica di San Pietro, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums, there are also a number of other entertainment, shopping, and dining destinations well worth a visit. In the streets around St Peter’s Church there is a great deal of souvenir shops selling religious memorabilia and gifts. At Arte Italiana you’ll be able to find unique and special gifts for loved ones at home, from Byzantine model icons to beautiful rosary beads in multicolours. The craftsmanship of each of the items is of the highest quality and will provide you with a lasting memory of your time in Rome.

If you fancy getting a feel for what Rome would have been like in ancient times, head to Michelangelo’s renowned Piazza del Campidoglio where you can stand with thousands of years of history beneath your feet. For remarkable views over the city, climb onto the balcony on the side of the ceremonial city hall, Palazzo Senatorio. Take in the view as you learn about the complex and fascinating past of the Eternal City, before heading to one of the many basilicas, museums, galleries or temples.

Sample some authentic Italian delicacies at L’Isola della Pizza (Island of Pizza), most famous for its assortment of scrumptious antipasti. Varying from seafood to prosciutto and bruschetta, there is something to suit everyone’s taste buds, just try not to fill up too much on starters as the generous-sized pizzas are delicious too!

Have a wonderful time in enchanting Rome!