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Secret Hotels San FranciscoAllow yourself to be utterly enchanted by California’s most cosmopolitan, diverse and down-to-earth city, San Francisco. It’s hard to find someone who has visited in the past that won’t rave about the friendliness of its inhabitants, its charming streets with vertiginous slopes or the multiplicity of its cultural and artistic landmarks. Often compared to European cities, even occasionally named The Paris of the West, due to its compact city centre, cool and windy climate and natural picturesque views, San Francisco is a far cry from some other characterless Californian metropolises.  The natural beauty of the rolling hills that face out over the serene bay speaks for itself, and makes it hard for anyone not to take a postcard-worthy photograph.

Aside from the European comparisons, San Francisco is all-American in its attitude towards forward-thinking and innovation in everything from fusion cuisines to green-living. So you if you’re up for sampling experimental Asian-cum-American dishes or if you pride yourself on being eco-conscious, San Francisco will not disappoint! Whether it’s business or leisure that brings you here, you’re guaranteed to be bowled over by the sheer beauty of the surroundings and the abundance of fine dining, arts, shopping, and culturally educational destinations to choose from. San Francisco has a prestigious reputation for being one of the globe’s leading financial centres, and is an ever popular choice for conventions, conferences and business meetings. The allure of the city is enough to persuade any business traveller to extend their trip for a few days, or at least make use of their free time, to visit and experience all the many sights and attractions.

With so many cities within this just 7-mile wide city, no day will feel the same as another; where one minute you could be rummaging through crafts at the Castro Street Fair alongside flamboyant drag queens, the next you might be grabbing an authentic burrito from a hole in the wall diner in the bohemian Mission District. Of course, no trip to San Francisco would be complete without a visit to the striking Golden Gate Bridge, which took its name from the shimmering effect the sun had as it hit the water in the bay. The hubbub of activity at the Fisherman’s Wharf on the waterfront contains a contagious excitement and thrill, and is the perfect spot to enjoy some freshly-caught seafood and people watch. The ferry for Alcatraz departs from here on its short, scenic journey to the iconic former prison. Sat upon a jagged rocky island, the world-famous landmark is still today a hugely significant part of the city’s past and is a must-visit for any history enthusiasts.

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