Secret Hotels Salzburg

Secret Hotels SalzburgWith a historic ‘Old Town’ that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Salzburg contains a wealth of landmarks and attractions that make it a highly popular tourist destination. Located on the West of Austria close to the German border, it is the fourth-largest city in the country.

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Salzburg, meaning ‘Salt Fortress’ or ‘Salt Castle’, is the capital city of the federal state of the same name, and one of Austria’s most famous cities. The name derives from barges carrying salt on the Salzach River, and the city’s fortress was first constructed in 1077 and would later expand further. During the 1700s Salzburg was subject to extensive religious conflict between Catholics and Protestants, with the Archbishop signing an Edict of Expulsion in 1731 declaring all Protestants must convert to Catholicism or be banished from the city. Many Protestants went to Prussia, Hungary, Serbia and Germany, as well as other western nations. During the early 1900s the area went back and forth between being under the ownership of Austria and Bavaria, before becoming part of German Austria in 1918, and finally becoming independent in 1919 after the Treaty of Versailles. Salzburg, (along with the rest of Austria) was annexed by the Nazis in 1938, and was subject to extensive Allied bombing during World War II until American troops entered Salzburg on May 5th 1945.

With such a vast history and as one of Europe’s major cultural cities, Salzburg has a great deal of architecture and historical landmarks that are well worth visiting. Salzburg Cathedral was first built in 1181 (there was a Salzburg Dom in 774 previously) before being restyled into the current Baroque design that is present today, and was the location where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was baptised. A bomb hit the Cathedral during the Second World War that led to repairs being made until 1959, with the bomb crashing straight through the central dome and causing significant damage. The Cathedral is renowned for its impressive architecture, as well as an interior that includes a number of paintings, statues and a huge organ. Another key attraction in Salzburg is the ‘Old Town’, which is home to a number of traditional buildings, squares and churches that you can walk around and visit throughout a day. The Old Town is particularly popular with tourists, and there are a number of shops and cafes for you to enjoy whilst taking in the magnificent scenery to be found here. Close by you can also find the birthplace of Mozart, which includes a fascinating museum about the composer’s life and features some of his original instruments from his childhood performances. The Old Town has a number of other museums that are worth visiting too, you will find yourself accidentally finding some hidden gems as you wander the streets here.

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