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Secret Hotels RomeFor an exhilarating trip in a city steeped in ancient culture but enshrined in a modern metropolis, spend a few unforgettable days exploring the wonders of Rome, the Eternal City. With the highest concentration of architectural riches in the world, embrace the grand remnants of the glittering Roman Empire in a city that is as beautiful as it is historically remarkable. Grab a delicious gelato and wander the cobbled streets dodging Vespa’s under the glorious Italian sun or spend a day marveling at some of the many wonders of the ancient world; the choice is yours.

Built on the Seven Hills amidst myth and legend, Rome encapsulates sublime scenery with rich culture and effortless Italian style. Famously home to the majestic and iconic Colosseum and host to a multitude of stunning Basilicas, there is an endless list of spectacular sights to behold. Spend an afternoon admiring the unique splendor of the Vatican City, the Catholic state home to the Pope, and take in the magnificence of St Peter’s Square. Boasting an exquisite variety of green spaces and jardins; bathe in the warm Roman sun or escape the heat and find shade in the Botanical Garden. The world famous Trevi Fountain also attracts thousands of couples each year seeking romance and that certain mythical magic.

Of course, a visit to Rome is nothing without the internationally renowned Italian cuisine. Get your fill of mouth-watering pasta and pizzas whilst sampling some of the finest wines in Europe. From quaint family-run bistros to luxury Michelin starred restaurants; Rome has all the culinary delights you could wish for.

To make your Roman break as perfect as possible, make sure to book with Secret Hotels. Guaranteeing unbelievable savings on the best accommodation Rome has to offer, trust in Secret Hotels to provide you with a luxurious place to rest your head after a thrilling day exploring the city. Featuring a huge variety of accommodation, from charming boutiques tucked away down picturesque cobblestoned streets, to grand traditional hotels in the heart of the city; Secret Hotels endeavour to handpick hotels and apartments to suit every need.

Those wanting fantastic facilities for families need to look no further than a modern complex on the outskirts of the city, overlooking remarkable landscapes and vistas. Italian society is geared towards a love of children, with Rome being an ideal destination to introduce your family to all the wonderful sights, sounds, and tastes that the city has to offer. For couples, the choice of romantic and picturesque hotels is second to none. From glamorous 5* hotels boasting swimming pools and spa facilities for the height of city break sophistication to quaint boutiques tucked away in the city centre bursting with Italian charisma and charm. When in Rome, choose Secret Hotels – as long as you keep it a secret!

Top quality central boutique hotel – 4 star – Rome

For amazing quality and convenience this top quality central boutique hotel is perfect, situated in the heart of the city you can visit all the best sights with ease. The hotel offers many useful features and services to ensure your trip to Rome is as enjoyable as possible, offering city tours and airport shuttles as well as private car transfers, room service and a 24 hour reception to provide you with anything else you may need during your stay. There is also a lobby bar where you can relax and catch up with friends over a drink. Every room is quality furnished and kept with every feature required for a luxuriously comfortable stay and more.

There are limitless amazing things to see and do in this fantastic historical city, and the hotel’s ideal central location nearby the Termini Central Train Station means that all of these great activities are on your door step. Among these is the iconic Trevi Fountain in the Piazza di Trevi, this magnificent fountain is among one of the world’s most famous and recognisable fountains, at over 8 feet tall and 161 feet wide this beautiful Baroque fountain is not to be missed. Come and see the sunlight dancing on the flowing water during the day or avoid the crowds and see the fountain at night for a romantic evening with a loved one. Throw a coin into the fountain to ensure your return to Rome, as legend tells.

Also nearby are the Spanish Steps another quintessential Roman sight, climb the steps between the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinita dei Monti and see the lovely Trinita dei Monti church that sits at the top of the steps as well as beautiful views of the city that make climbing the 135 steps well worth the hike. Or relax on the steps with a Gelato and enjoy the busy atmosphere and the warm Italian sunshine. Or visit the Colosseum for an interactive and inspiring history lesson about the intriguing Roman Empire, completed in 80 AD it is still the world’s biggest amphitheatre and was recently given the title of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. See where gladiators would fight lethal wild animals to the death, and walk through the stands where the Emperor himself would have witnessed these vicious fights.

Great rates and lovely pool next to Vatican – 4 Star – Rome

Right now you can grab great rates at a hotel with a lovely pool next to Vatican. This lovely Secret Hotel offers a wonderfully comfortable stay and countless handy features. The hotel also has its own private outdoor swimming pool and a Solarium to allow you to relax and get away from the busy streets of the city and truly enjoy the warm Italian summer climate. The hotel provides many other useful services such as private parking, free internet and airport transfers and each room is finished to the highest standard including everything you could need for a relaxing and pleasant stay such as balconies with great views of the stunning city of Rome.

Benefitting from its amazing location next to the Vatican City, a visit to the worlds smallest independent sovereign city-state is a must during your stay at the hotel. There are so many amazing things to see within this tiny city so guided tours are highly recommended whether you choose a group or a private tour, experts will guide you through all that this amazing symbol to the power and wealth of the Catholic Church has to offer, discover the vast beauty of St Peter’s Square where thousands have gathered throughout history and even today for important Catholic ceremonies such as the recent Papal Conclave when the new Pope is decided. See amazing and world famous works of art and sculpture throughout the grounds and in the Vatican Museums and Gardens, in the St Peter’s Basilica and the world renowned ceiling of the Sistine Chapel that holds the awe-inspiring paintings of Michelangelo that depict the biblical story of the creation of Adam. Don’t miss out on a chance to see one of the most significant monuments in European history that is still extremely active today.

The area surrounding the Vatican is great for exploring the small and picturesque Roman streets, strolling along the river banks, or visiting a café or bar to catch up with friends over a drink or spend a romantic evening in one of the numerous restaurants that serve delicious and authentic Italian dishes. Try Taverna Angelica in the Piazza Amerigo Capponi for interesting and modern twists on traditional Italian cooking in an elegant yet relaxing setting. See all that this exciting city has to offer in an ideal location, at this luxuriously comfortable Secret Hotel.


Brand new luxury hotel near St. Peter’s Cathedral -5 star – Rome

Five star luxury and amazing features are what to expect from this brand new luxury hotel near St. Peter’s Cathedral. This beautiful and contemporary hotel features it’s own private outdoor swimming pool allowing you to cool off during Rome’s hot summers and a cosy library with a fireplace for the cold winter days. With so much to see and do in close proximity to this fantastic hotel, the hotel’s amazing spa features will enable you to relax and unwind after a busy day in the city, with steam baths, well-being massages, fitness centre and health club and even a hair salon. On top of all these amazing features, each deluxe room is fully equipped to ensure a luxuriously comfortable and convenient stay.

Located just a stone’s throw from St. Peter’s Cathedral and Vatican City the hotel benefits from being close to a number of Rome’s best and most iconic sights and attractions. Vatican City is not only the epicentre of the Catholic Faith and the home to the Pope but is also the world’s smallest independent sovereign state, whether or not you consider yourself to be religious it is guaranteed to stun and inspire with it’s architecture, art and history. Marvel at the vast beauty of St. Peter’s square, see the stunning fountains, a four-thousand year old Egyptian Obelisk and gorgeous Tuscan columns that are located in this enormous plaza. Vatican City is also home to one of the most famous ceilings in the world, that of the Sistine Chapel featuring the spectacular paintings of Michelangelo of many scenes from the book of Genesis, with the most world renowned image of the touching hands of God and Adam in his depiction of the Creation of Adam. As there are endless amounts of things to see and learn about Vatican City, guided tours are a great idea to ensure that you don’t miss anything and you will receive expert guidance and educational tours around this amazing city.

The perfect place to spend one of Rome’s beautiful summer evenings is at the Piazza Navona also located near the hotel, it is most well known for being home to two gorgeous fountains designed by 17th century Italy’s most significant architects, Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Enjoy one of the many mouth-watering restaurants, serving authentic and delicious Italian food made by passionate and dedicated chefs. Or simply have a glass of wine and take in the street performers and artists in one of Rome’s most picturesque Piazzas.

Unbelievable rate in a comfortable hotel! – 4 star – Rome

For an unbelievable rate in a comfortable hotel, look no further. Providing a number of amazing features and V.I.P services the hotel strives to offer you a relaxing and enjoyable stay. Make the most out of your trip to Rome with private parking, car transfers, currency exchange and city tours arranged by the hotel. Every room is fully equipped and finished to a high standard, with many rooms having balconies allowing you enjoy the summer sunshine in your own private setting as well as luxurious double showers in each private en-suite to give you pure relaxation at the end of a busy day in the city.

In addition to it’s wonderful comfort and luxury features this amazing Secret Hotel also benefits from allowing you to visit all of Rome’s exciting sights and historical attractions with ease and convenience. The iconic Roman Colosseum is not far from the hotel and is one of Rome’s most important and recognisable sights, since it’s completion in 80 AD it has held the title of the world’s biggest amphitheatre and was recently named one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Today this impressive monument is open to the public to explore the sight where gladiators once fought to the death against wild animals watched by hundreds from Rome’s richest to it’s poorest citizens and often the Emperor himself. Inside the walls of the stands there is a comprehensive and interesting exhibition displaying historical artefacts from this magnificent building, which map out the history of the Colosseum from construction to restoration. Near to the Colosseum are the outstanding Roman and Imperial Forums, these spectacular ruins that were once the centre of public life during the Roman Empire are today a living history lesson offering a glimpse into Imperial life as the former spot of all public ceremonies, processions, elections and trials as well as many gladiatorial fights since 500 BC.

To see more of Rome’s rich and inspiring history that lives on today, visit the Spanish Steps. Starting at the Piazza di Spagna climb these 135 steps to find at the top the Piazza Trinita dei Monti and the gorgeous Trinita dei Monti church. The stunning views of the city below that you will find at the height of the Spanish Steps are a well-deserved reward for venturing the climb. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience all this and everything that Rome has to offer with this amazing deal at this great Secret Hotel.

Boutique hotel in the heart of Rome – 4 Star – Rome

For one of a kind luxury and an ideal central location this boutique hotel in the heart of Rome ticks all the boxes. Each room is packed with plenty of useful features for your convenience and comfort such as air conditioning for the hot summer months, double glazed windows to block out any city noise for peaceful nights sleep, a flat screen LCD TV in every room with a games console for a fun night in and free internet access in each room and throughout the hotel. On top of it’s great features and original style this hotel benefits from being a stone’s throw from a number of Rome’s best attractions and most iconic sights.

Among these iconic sights is the Colosseum, during the Roman Empire it became the world’s largest amphitheatre and it still holds this claim today. The Colosseum is a prime example of the innovation and ground breaking feats in architecture and engineering that define the Roman Empire. See this wonder with your own eyes and experience first hand the gruesome yet remarkable history of the gladiators that would fight to the death against vicious wild animals in front of crowds of thousands and the Emperor himself. Within the walls of the stands there is an informative and interesting exhibition telling the nearly 2,000 year history of the Colosseum from it’s design and construction to the present day.

If the busy streets and popular attractions become too much, then luckily the hotel is not far from the Villa Borghese a gorgeous 17th century villa that was originally built for Cardinal Scipione Caffarelli Borghese, the nephew of Pope Paul V. The Villa is now open for tours and is home to a charming gallery, the Galleria Borghese that features paintings and sculptures that were once the personal collection of Cardinal Scipione. However, the Villa is also within Rome’s largest and prettiest Public Park, relax and unwind in the large green space or rent bicycles to explore this beautifully scenic park.

Also not far from the hotel is the Trevi Fountain or Fontana di Trevi, an image that is synonymous with Rome’s Baroque Architecture. At 26.3 metres high and 49.15 metres wide it is the largest fountain in the city and is arguably one of the worlds most breath-taking and beautiful fountains. Legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain you are assured you’ll return to Rome, but with it’s stunning architecture and art, fascinating history and culture will make you want to never leave.


The TOP deal in an exclusive area of Rome! – 4 star – Rome

Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to experience one of Rome’s most exclusive luxury hotels in one Rome’s most exclusive and luxurious areas, the quiet yet chic Parioli in the Villa Borghese area. This wonderful hotel finds the perfect combination between indulgence and convenience, with each room finished to the upper most standard and including every feature needed for a comfortable and enjoyable stay, such as air conditioning and a flat screen TV. The hotel is also proud to offer a complimentary and private Mercedes shuttle service that will take you from the hotel to the thriving Piazza del Popolo any time between 8 am and 11pm, giving you a truly deluxe experience of this splendid city. Do not miss out on the TOP deal in an exclusive area of Rome!

The hotel’s private shuttle service takes you right to the Piazza del Popolo, one of Rome’s liveliest Piazzas. In Italian it translates to the People’s Square and this is no lie, popular with locals and visitors alike it is a great spot to enjoy a glass of wine or a bite to eat at one of the many authentic Italian restaurants and cafés, or simply take in the stunning architecture, sculpture and atmosphere. The piazza is found just inside of the Porto de Popolo, the northern gate of the Aurelian Walls, the gate once marked the beginning of the Via Flaminia the most significant route to the north of Italy. The Egyptian Obelisk in the centre of the Piazza is one of the tallest in Rome and the second oldest being brought to Rome in just 10 BC, the lion fountains were later added in 1818 making this one Rome’s most picturesque Piazzas. From the Piazza del Popolo many of Rome’s best sights are accessible by foot, including the Spanish Steps, the 135 steps that join the Piazza di Spagna and the Piazza Trinita dei Monti with beautiful views of Rome from the top- well worth the climb!

For music fans this hotel is ideal in its location near to the Parco della Musica, situated in the former 1960 Olympic Park. The Parco della Musica is now a multi-functional space that is perfect for spending an afternoon strolling around the surrounding green areas, having a drink with friends in one of the cafés or browsing the shops. However, the auditorium is where you can experience the spectacular Orchestra del Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, the orchestra of the world famous Italian music academy Santa Cecilia, plus many other visiting musicians and orchestras. This opportunity to witness true musical masterpieces in breath taking surroundings is not to be missed.


Brand new! Amazing new opening near the Coliseum – 4 Star – Rome

This amazing Secret Hotel is not only brand new, offering the best in modern luxuries but is situated in one of Rome’s most sought after areas being just moments from the Coliseum. The hotel provides many useful services and features to ensure that your stay here is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible, such as complimentary internet access in every room and throughout the hotel as well as air conditioned rooms to cool you down from Rome’s hot summers. This fantastic contemporary and stylish hotel also benefits from its ideal location, allowing you to explore all the amazing sights that Rome has to offer.

The hotel is situated just a stone’s throw from one of Rome’s, as well as Italy’s, most iconic and historically important buildings: the Coliseum. Also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre it dates back to just 80 AD, when it was and still is the largest amphitheatre in the world. Today this spectacular monument to the Roman Empire’s innovations in engineering, architecture and construction is open for the public to discover it’s remarkable history, from the original building process to it’s fall and eventual restoration and offers visitors a glimpse into the lethal gladiatorial fights that took place here. Near by are the amazing Roman and Imperial Forums, these remarkable ruins were once the centre of public life during the Roman Empire and today they are a living testament to how Imperial life once functioned, as the former centre to all public matter such as ceremonies, elections and trials since 500 BC.

Close to the hotel are the equally iconic Spanish Steps, designed in 1717 by the then unknown Francesco de Sanctis, they have become a must see when visiting Rome. With stunning views from the top and the lovely Piazza di Spagna it’s perfect for enjoying an ice-cream or coffee with friends.

If you feel the need for some retail therapy visit the Via Veneto, better known for it’s chic boutiques and designer labels than its history, it is a great place to indulge on Italy’s world famous fashions or maybe do some celebrity spotting. The Via Veneto however is best known for its appearance in the 1960 film classic La Dolce Vita, home to Café de Paris and Harry’s Bar the same spots where film icons Burt Lancaster and Sophia Loren meet in the film. They are still open for business today and are the perfect place to enjoy the elegant atmosphere of this stylish street.

Have a fantastic time at this brilliant secret hotel, ‘Brand new! Amazing new opening near the Coliseum – 4 Star – Rome’!

Stunning views on the Vatican City! – 4 star – Rome

This marvellous Secret Hotel offers one of a kind views over one of Rome’s most world renowned and quintessential sights, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican. The hotel’s own private roof garden is the perfect spot to enjoy the Italian sunshine and see the stunning St Peter’s Square like no other visitor can, or take a dip in the hotel’s private pool. The hotel’s restaurant serves a complimentary buffet breakfast and the snack bar is open for lunches and dinner. The luxurious rooms are fully equipped with every deluxe feature for a sumptuously comfortable stay, with plasma TVs, free internet access, air conditioning and so much more.

This fantastic hotel benefits from an amazing location, with stunning views on the Vatican City, the epitome of Rome’s fascinating history that is still just as significant and important today. This magnificent little city is the world’s smallest independent state that is situated within the city of Rome; this tiny country is home to some of Europe’s most iconic sights including St Peter’s Square and St Peter’s Basilica that has been seen world-wide during important Catholic and Papal events. The Sistine Chapel also calls home to the Vatican City, a tiny yet impressive chapel where you can see the legendary ceiling paintings by Michelangelo that depict images from the book of Genesis and the story of the Creation of Adam, with God and Adam’s touching hands being one of the most world famous images from art throughout history. There is also many other lesser known collections of stunning art work and sculpture, beautiful gardens and awe inspiring architecture within the Vatican so it is advised to book a guided tour. There many different options available from group tours to private ones, showing you all there is to be discovered about this small yet outstanding city.

Also near by the hotel is the gorgeous Piazza Venezia, home to the Il Vittoriano monument on the Capitoline Hill that honours the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. This impressive marble monument is well worth a visit and you can climb to the top for beautiful views of Rome and an interesting Military Museum or ride the elevator all the way to the top floor to see the best panoramic views of the city. The Piazza Venezia is also a great place to enjoy Rome’s world famous Gelato and catch up with friends over a coffee or simply enjoy the buzzing atmosphere with many interesting street vendors, performers and artists.

Extreme luxury at a design hotel in central Rome – 5 star – Rome

Experience extreme luxury at a design hotel in central Rome, where you can immerse yourself in the culture of Rome whilst staying in a five star hotel that exuberates the elegance and style that has made this city one of the greatest in the world. Situated within architectural prowess, this hotel lies minutes away from the impressive Pantheon and the majestic Trevi Fountain. The class that encapsulates the surrounding streets is also mimicked inside the hotel, where our professional and dedicated concierge service will take care of any desires whilst you unwind and relax in our deluxe sauna and Jacuzzi rooms, or indulge in some exercise at our fitness centre. If this isn’t enough then let your stresses float away with one of our peaceful and tranquil massages – guaranteed to ease any tensions! Of course luxury is also found within every room – each one air conditioned, fitted with an en-suite and equipped with a stylish mini bar and television. Should you require any assistance, our warm and welcoming receptionists can give you advice on how to access some of our hotel privileges such as our business centre and secretarial services.

Nearby the hotel, architectural enthusiasts will fall in love with the beautiful Trevi Fountain. As water gushes out beneath the marvelously sculpted figures don’t forget to toss a coin in and make a wish. Another must visit attraction is the iconic Piazza di Spagna, a perfect picture opportunity that can capture the monumental staircase with an ancient French church, in one of the most vibrant squares in Rome.

Historians will shiver at the indescribable aura that fills the supreme Pantheon. Through its substantial marble columns and its thick great walls the presence of the once Great Roman Empire can still be felt in this temple that once served the Gods.

For those who want to feel the cosmopolitan edge that Rome offers why not take a stroll down Via Veneto and take in the ambiance by visiting one of its bustling cafes. Of course no trip to Rome would be complete without a visit to the spiritual home of Catholicism – The Vatican. Protected by the Swiss Guard, inside its walls lie centuries of history and artwork that have impressed people for centuries. Perugino and Botticelli are just some of the famous artists that litter this historical state with masterpieces that still fascinate people today.

All of these attractions and more at the doorstep of this hotel! Have a pleasant stay in Rome!

Unique luxury city view & spa in the heart of Rome – 5 star – Rome

Experience the very best that one of the most iconic capitals in the world has to offer with a stay at this luxurious Top Secret Hotel. This gorgeous 5 star hotel has the ability to cater to all your needs whilst in Rome and more, whether they are work or leisure. Not only will you be situated just a stone’s throw from one of the city’s most prominent streets, during your stay you will enjoy an unrivalled blend of historic culture and modern living. Each beautiful room is uniquely furnished in a stunning period style, and the hotel boasts views of the capital beyond compare from its rooftop terrace. Alternatively, you can unwind after an active day at the in-house gym by letting the hotel’s Turkish baths and spa sweep you off into a world of relaxation. In addition to a first-rate service, the hotel provides guest facilities such as free WiFi, climate control and private bathrooms. For those looking to conduct business in a friendly and professional environment, the hotel offers comprehensive business services such as conference centre and boardrooms as well as parking on request. Don’t miss out on this fantastic secret hotel ‘Unique luxury city view & spa in the heart of Rome – 5 star – Rome’!

Only moments away is the city’s famed Via Veneto, a street offering so much for those looking to immerse themselves in enchanting history. The street takes its name from the Battle of Vittoria Veneto, a pivotal moment in time which signalled the end of the Italian home conflict during World War 1. Visitors can spot renowned celebrities in this area of Rome, as the street houses the prestigious Harry’s bar and the culinary genius of Café de Paris. Take a stroll to the impressive Palazzo Margherita to observe the grandeur that formerly housed the Prince of Piombino. Wander down the piazza and marvel at the Fontana delle Alpi, a spectacular fountain which represents one of the most beautiful architectural accomplishments of the renaissance visionary Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

Art aficionados can enjoy the romance of the scenery, which was immortalised in Federico Fellini’s iconic film La Dolce Vita. Retrace the steps taken in one of the most widely acclaimed films in 1960s Europe by making a wish at the Trevi fountains, or visit the Baths of Caracalla and let your mind bathe in the ruins of the second largest public Roman baths.

The surrounding area offers an abundance of rich entertainment and shopping for all those lucky enough to visit. Along the piazza, visitors can spend time at shops such as Brioni, a fashionable store offering graceful and stylish wear for both men and women. Further along the Piazza is Tarascio, a sophisticated Italian jeweller which has been offering the finest watches since 1942. Recently, the Via Veneto has seen an influx of boutique stores such as Femme Sistina which cater to the younger generations ensuring enjoyment for all.

The delights of Rome are sure to captivate all!