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Incredible deal in Porto’s city centre – 3 star – Porto

As Portugal’s second largest city and one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe, Porto offers visitors and residents a wide range of things to do, and offers plenty of historical landmarks as well. Porto is in the north of Portugal and is just a short journey away from the coast, offering visitors a combination of buzzing city life and a relaxing coastal break.

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The name Porto derives from the Latin Portus Cale, and is referred to by the Portuguese as ‘o Porto’ meaning ‘the port’. The English name of Porto is a result of a misunderstanding of the Portuguese name, with ‘Oporto’ now featuring in modern literature and language. During the Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula Porto became an important commercial port, and during the 14th century Porto was the site where John I of Portugal married Philippa of Lancaster, resulting in the military alliance between Portugal and England, which is the world’s oldest recorded military alliance.  Porto would later become a major exporter of Portuguese port wine, produced in the Douro Valley, and due to architectural developments became known as ‘the city of bridges’. In the late 19th century Republicans in Porto revolted against the monarchy, which led to Portugal becoming a republic in 1910.

Due to the vast history Porto has, there are a number of historical buildings in the city that are well worth visiting. The Palacio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace) is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, built in the 19th century and located in the Infante D. Henrique Square in the city’s historic centre. The building was inspired by the fashionable Neopalladian architecture at the time, with the interior of the Palace finally being completed in 1910 and involved the work of several artists. The key feature of the Palace is the Arab Room, which today is used as a reception hall for heads of state when visiting Porto.

Nightlife in Porto is one of the main highlights of the city, with a host of trendy bars and clubs in the city centre that draw crowds of all ages. All the bars offer great drink deals depending on which night of the week it is, with many offering speciality nights including karaoke and different music styles. O Labirinto is particularly famous for combining an art gallery with a bar, allowing drinkers to enjoy delicious cocktails whilst admiring the beautiful paintings. In keeping with traditional Iberian style, clubs in Porto do not open until very late, with locals often dining until 11pm or later before heading out for drinks and dancing.

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