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Secret Hotels PisaLocated in the Tuscany region in Central Italy, Pisa is full of culture and historical landmarks including the famous Leaning Tower, as well as over 20 historic churches, and a number of beautiful bridges that cross the River Arno. Pisa is served by its own international airport, and the railway station provides efficient access to Florence – which is only an hour drive away if you have a car.

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How Pisa got its name remains a mystery, with various civilisations having previously been thought to have founded the city, until an excavation in 1991 confirmed it was the Etruscan civilisation. In ancient times Pisa served as a base for Roman naval expeditions, and has been associated with the invention of the naval ram – a weapon used by large ships. During the 11th century the city was a hugely important commercial centre, and had a large merchant fleet and navy, which allowed it to expand – but this also brought conflicts. In the late 13th century the Battle of Meloria has been attributed to the decline of Pisa as a maritime power, with problems with the port due to damage proving to be costly. In the mid-14th century Pisa’s cultural growth expanded rapidly, which included the establishment of the University of Pisa in 1343, and was the birthplace of Galileo Galilei.

As well as the infamous Leaning Tower that is hugely popular with tourists, Pisa offers a wide range of cultural and historical landmarks that you won’t want to miss out on. The Piazza del Duomo (Cathedral Square) is recognised as one of the main centres for medieval art in the entire world, and includes four iconic structures – the cathedral, the bell tower, the baptistery and the monumental graveyard. It is also known as the ‘Square of Miracles’, and in 1987 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Elsewhere you can find the Piazza dei Cavalieri, a beautiful central square where you will find the Palace of the Scuola Normale of Pisa, the Church of Saint Stefano and the Palace of the Orologio. Closely located to the Leaning Tower, the square is certainly worth a visit for those who enjoy learning about Italian history and architecture, as there is plenty to discover here. The University is well worth a visit too, as it is beautifully decorated and has been in existence since the 14th century and has a wealth of history. A walk down to the recently developed marina provides visitors with wonderful views of the boats coming into harbour, and if you are around in the evenings you can enjoy the more relaxed atmosphere as the fisherman finish their day of working.

With so many historical and cultural landmarks around, Pisa has plenty to offer for tourists and has become one of Italy’s most visited cities. This has led to hotel prices in and around the city being very expensive, but by booking a Hot Rate Hotel with Hotwire you can enjoy fantastic discount rates on some of the best hotels Pisa has to offer, giving you more spending money to truly enjoy your stay.