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A modern, 4-star stay close to Plaça Catalunya

A modern, 4-star stay close to Plaça Catalunya

Booking Agent Description: What's the big secret? Shhh, we've managed to get you exclusive hotel deals from our leading chain and independent hotel partners. The other guests in the hotel would be jealous if they knew how cheap your room was, so the hotel wants to keep it a secret. Check out our Top Secret Explained video for more details. Don't worry, as soon as the booking has been made we will let you in on the secret - please remember to keep it under your hat. We will also send you an email so you have a record confirming all of your booking details including the name and address of the hotel you have reserved.This smart, 4-star hotel is only a short walk from Plaça Catalunya, in the heart of the city and surrounded by Barcelona’s top attractions, including Barcelona Cathedral. Stay here to enjoy free wifi, a TV lounge, internet café, and a 24-hour reception. The smart rooms have air conditioning, satellite TVs, and en-suite bathrooms with free toiletries.

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Located just west of Oslo’s city centre, this fantastic 4 star Hotwire secret hotel is the ideal place to stay whilst visiting the beautiful Norwegian city. A stay here allows guests to enjoy all of the wonderful sights and attractions of Oslo at ease due to its fantastic location and close proximity to the city centre, in a highly regarded hotel complete with excellent services and facilities, all for a price you’ll struggle to beat. Hotel brands in this Hotwire 3 star secret hotel range include Wingate by Wyndkam, Sheraton, Four Points by Sheraton, Best Wester, and Hitlon Garden Inn, to name a few! Guests who have booked 3 star secret hotels in this area have stayed at fantastic hotels such as the Frogner House Hotel Norum, at a lower price. It’s the additional extras included in this excellent hotel that make it stand out from the rest, adding a touch of luxury to your stay. When booking this hotel, you can enjoy complimentary breakfast every morning of your stay, helping you to start the day as you mean to go on! There are also facilities available for use such as self service laundry, and even internet access.

This hotel is located only a short distance from the fascinating Norwegian Folk Museum. This fantastic museum is the oldest and largest folk museum in the whole of Norway, and provides visitors with a great way to get a feel for the local history and culture. The museum itself is an open-air museum, with more than 150 traditional buildings making up the whole museum. It houses collections from all over the country, and shows visitors in a hands on and interactive way how people used to live in Norway, from 1500 right to the present day! The oldest historic building here includes the breathtaking Gol Stave Church, dating right back to 1200! During the summer you can even watch the Folk Dance Group perform every Sunday at 2pm!

Great transport links in this area also make all of the other attractions in central Oslo easily accessible. Be sure to make the most of this to see some of the great things that Oslo has to offer, such as the Fram Polar Ship Museum. This museum is home to the most famous polar ship in the world, the Fram. Here you can learn all about the exciting exhibitions of famous Norwegian explorers, such as Fidtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup, and Roald Amundsen.