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Secret Hotels MalagaLocated in the south of Spain in the Andalusia region, Malaga is the sixth largest city in the country and is a popular tourist attraction due to its cultural infrastructure and Subtropical-Mediterranean climate. Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport is one of the busiest in Spain, and has links to over 100 cities in Europe, as well as cities in Africa and North America.

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The city of Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians (from Lebanon) in around 770 BC, naming the city Malaka from the Phoenician word for ‘salt’, because fisherman would salt their caught fish near the harbour. Malaga is one of the oldest cities in the world, and has been under the rule of various civilisations and empires, including the Roman Empire and the Muslim Arabic rulers during the 8th century. It was during the Arabic rule that Malaga became an important trading centre, with food being one of the main sources of income for locals. In 1487 the city was conquered by Christian forces, resulting in the Muslim population being sold as slaves or traded with other cities in Spain. During the 18th century the city went under a period of rapid development, becoming heavily industrialised until the national government began to focus their attention on developing the north of the country. Today the majority of Malaga’s economy revolves around the tourism sector, with a number of cultural attractions and coastal sites making the area highly popular with tourists from all over the world.

One of Malaga’s top attractions provides an opportunity to learn about the Hispanic-Arabic period, the Alcazaba military fortification, built in the mid-11th century. Located in the centre of Malaga, the fortification includes beautiful garden terraces and the chance to see some excellent views of the city. The architecture and artefacts are steeped in history, and there are leaflets provided for more information, and there is a small café for visitors to enjoy a refreshing drink and something to eat. The city was also the birthplace of Pablo Picasso in 1881, and his home has now been converted into the Picasso Casa Natal Museum. The entrance fee provides excellent value for money for what you are seeing, as the museum features some of Picasso’s early work as well as his cubism pieces in later life. For those that are more of a fan of outdoor attractions, the Playas de La Acacias beach located just outside of Malaga provide a quiet and relaxing environment, as well as beautiful scenery. Just behind the beaches you can find the fishing village of Pedregalejo, with a number of narrow streets, small houses and a range of fish restaurants serving traditional and local dishes that are fresh from the sea nearby.

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