Secret Hotels Lisbon

Secret Hotels LisbonEurope’s second oldest city and the site of some of the most unique and breath-taking scenes of natural and manmade beauty, Lisbon is deservedly one of the most popular destination cities on the continent. Whilst rooted in a deep and complex history, Portugal’s capital also has its finger on the pulse for contemporary culture, making it just as relevant today as it has been for many centuries. History and culture lovers flock to Lisbon to get a closer look at where civilisations such as the Phoenicians, Celts, Romans, Visigoths and Moors all settled for a time, before leaving their mark on the architecture, art, music, and literature of the city. Add an air of mystery to your next trip to Lisbon by booking a secret hotel – all of our handpicked mystery deals offer savings of up to 45%!

Affectionately nicknamed the City of the Sea, Lisbon enjoys postcard-perfect views over the Atlantic Ocean and is proud to be the only European capital with sunsets on the sea. The white bleached limestone buildings, with their rustic tiled roofs, perch on a series of hills along the coast to create a charming, romantic setting for a vacation or city break. Everywhere you stop in the city offers a scenic vista and a prime photo opportunity. There are hidden treasures to be found between the intimate alleyways and medieval-village like quarters of the city, from World Heritage monuments, fascinating museum collections, ancient art exhibitions and vintage trams – the choice really is all yours!

As well as the choice of culture and arts attractions, there is also a wide variety of activities for sports enthusiasts, shopaholics, nature lovers and many more. The expansive and luxurious golf course and casino in Estoril is a top pick for pleasure-seekers, while the opportunity to dolphin-watch in Setúbil will please any budding naturists. Lisbon is also ideally located as a gateway to many other towns and cities in the surrounding area, such as Evora and Obidos. So however you prefer to spend your day – riding the waves, hiking up mountains, dining on fresh fish or admiring art – there is something here to suit every taste, age and lifestyle!

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