Flying Early? Book an Airport Secret Hotel!

Flying Early? Book an Airport Secret Hotel!

Travelling on holidays can be very stressful, so make your trip away as relaxing as possible by booking an airport secret hotel! There are a number of superb benefits to spending the night before an early flight at a hotel next to the airport, and with Top Secret Hotels you can get great value for money.

Extra Sleep

One of the best parts of booking an airport secret hotel is the extra hours you can enjoy in bed! Enjoy a relaxing night’s sleep the day before your flight, without having to worry about getting up in the early hours of the morning and feeling worse for wear when you arrive at your destination. Let yourself arrive feeling fresh and relaxed, and avoid the hassle of having to wake the children up and have them being grumpy!

No Traffic

On your first day of our much-awaited holiday we all just want to get to our destination as soon as possible, and not have to worry about any delays or interruptions to our plans. Driving to the airport can be particularly stressful, and if you have an early flight you will have to leaver earlier than you want in order to avoid the rush hour traffic. By booking an airport secret hotel, you can avoid the risks of getting stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and missing your flight, as you will have easy access to the airport terminal – either by foot or the hotel shuttle bus service.

Don’t Worry About Getting Lost

Driving in the early hours of the morning to the airport means that road signs may be harder to see, and if you are not used to driving to the airport then there is always the risk of getting lost on the way. With an airport secret hotel you will eliminate the risk of not finding where you are leaving from, as it will be right on your doorstep!

Get a Wakeup Call and Avoid an Overpriced Airport Breakfast

Getting up in the early hours can be difficult for many of us, and alarm clocks aren’t always guaranteed to get us out of bed on time! With an airport secret hotel you can arrange for a wakeup call to make sure that you are ready to head to the airport on time. You can also treat yourself to a fantastic breakfast from the comfort of your hotel, to save you having to fork out at the airport and worry about paying the bill before you have to head to departures!


Driving in the early hours of the morning when you are tired and stressed can be dangerous. Make sure you and your family arrive at the airport safely by booking an airport secret hotel the day before, allowing you to arrive at a leisurely time and so you feel comfortable if you have to drive at your destination.

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