Experience a terrace overlooking Rome city center! - 5 star - Rome

Experience a terrace overlooking Rome city center! – 5 star – Rome

Experience a terrace overlooking Rome city center! – 5 star – Rome

Rome is well known for being one of the most beautiful and scenic of Europe’s famous cities, and what better way to enjoy the stunning city of Rome than at this amazing five star hotel situated in the heart of the city where you can experience a terrace overlooking Rome city center! Experience true five star luxury in the lavish rooms, decorated to the highest standards and packed full of deluxe features to guarantee a luxuriously comfortable stay. If you find yourself exhausted after a long day of exploring this wonderful city then why not treat yourself to one of the hotel’s many spa treatments available, relax and unwind in the whirlpool or in the summer months, enjoy the Italian sunshine at the hotel’s own private outdoor swimming pool!

On top of the numerous deluxe features and services at this amazing five star Secret Hotel, it also benefits from an ideal city centre location allowing you to be at many of Rome’s essential sights in just minutes. Possibly one of the most recognisable roman images is that of the Colosseum, just a stone’s throw from the hotel’s doorstep; explore with ease this magnificent structure that in recent years was voted as one of the seven wonders of the worlds. Completed in just 80 AD it stands today as a testament to the innovations in architecture and engineering of the Roman Empire and is open on a daily basis for the public to explore the narrow corridors and look down from the stands into the arena where gladiators would embark on lethal fights with wild animals, spectated by the richest and poorest of the roman population and sometimes even the emperor himself. Inside, get an inspiring history lesson at the highly informative and extremely interesting exhibition that explains and depicts the history of the Colosseum from its construction to restoration.

Close to the Colosseum and the hotel itself are the amazing Roman and Imperial Forums, these spectacular ruins once stood as the centre of Roman public life. Experience first hand the epicentre of all public proceedings that took place from 500 BC such as processions, elections, speeches, trials and gladiatorial fights. This living history lesson is not to be missed on a trip to Rome, it gives visitors a chance to truly discover the origins of European civilization and what was once the largest and most dominant Empire in the ancient world.

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