Secret Hotels Exeter

Secret Hotels ExeterSituated in the county of Devon, the city of Exeter provides visitors with a diverse range of historical landmarks, as well as beautiful scenery and a number of museums to visit. The city is served by two main railway stations (Exeter St David’s and Exeter Central), as well as Exeter International Airport and motorways to other parts of the UK.

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The name of the city derives from its location on the River Exe, with archaeological excavations have led to the suggestion that the city or some form of settlement has existed where Exeter lies today as early as 250 BC. During the late 1970s excavations also found that there had been a Roman military fortress in Exeter in approximately AD 55, and other Roman ruins have also been discovered in the area, including Roman baths. During the 13th century Exeter hosted a weekly market for its citizens, and towards the end of the century the town had up to 3 market fairs a week, which aided the growth in the size and importance of the city. The Industrial Revolution saw the city develop due to its agricultural sector, as well as its waterpower services – although this ended when steam power replaced the waterpower sector in the 19th century. During World War Two the city was subject to a number of bombing raids by the Luftwaffe, damaging much of the city centre including the cathedral.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is widely considered to be the top attraction in Exeter, with a range of displays and galleries showcasing the city’s intricate history and how it has developed over the centuries. Exhibitions include the ‘Birds of a Feather’ display, a collection of glass cases filled with over 140 birds, and there is also an interactive game for you to design your own bird and see how it would survive in the wild. Other exhibits include an interesting insight into Ancient Egyptian mummification, as well as display that showcases the development of Exeter and Devon throughout its history. Visitors to Exeter should also pay a visit to the Cathedral, which is considered to be an architectural masterpiece and contains an interior that it is well worth viewing, whether you are religious or not. There are guided tours available for those who wish to learn more about the history of the building and its importance to the city. As well as the cathedral there a number of other historical buildings in Exeter that are should not be missed, including Exeter Castle and the Catacombs.

With a number of historical attractions, beautiful scenery and close proximity to the coast, Exeter offers visitors a number of things to do and see and is a popular tourist destination all year round. By booking a Hot Rate Hotel with Hotwire you can stay in top accommodation in the city without having to pay premium prices. The name of your Secret Hotel won’t be revealed until after you book, but you can be sure to find yourself staying in an excellent property and still enjoy having some extra spending money for your visit to Exeter.