Edinburgh South – Prestonfield area hotel

West End Hotel - a few minutes walk to Oxford St

West End Hotel - a few minutes walk to Oxford St

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The Prestonfield area of Edinburgh is a pleasant part of the beautiful Scottish capital city, located in the south of the City Centre. This fantastic Hot Rate Secret Hotel offers guests the chance to explore the wonderful city at ease, with a fantastic location, at a lower cost. Guests can expect only the top facilities and highest quality service at this amazing 5 star hotel, giving you an unforgettable holiday. The hotel also has free parking, so you can rent a car for the duration of your stay or bring your own if you wish to further explore the area. Other extras include free internet access for all guests to use, as well as laundry facilities, making your stay here as convenient as possible.

The hotel is located minutes away from the stunning Holyrood Park. This park is a vast open public space in the heart of the city, stretching across 640 acres of land. However, this park is much more than just an ordinary park, as it has been named as both a Scheduled Ancient Monument due to its rich history and archaeological heritage, as well as a Site of Specific Interest due to its diverse geology and flora. Highlights of the park include Arthur’s Seat, the highest point of the park at 251metres high, where you’ll come across a fascinating and well preserved fort, and stunning views across the whole city. Be sure to visit the Palace of Holyrood house, also known as Holyrood Palace, whilst you’re in the area. This beautiful palace showcasing original 16th and 17th century architecture is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, and was the main residence for the King and Queens of Scots. Visitors can even enjoy an audio tour of the Palace for free, taking you through the beautiful grounds, including the Royal and Historic Apartments. This is a great way to learn about all of the fascinating history of the palace whilst marvelling at the stunning buildings and interiors.

As well as these nearby sights, the rest of Edinburgh and all it has to offer is only a short walk away, making the location of this hotel perfect for exploring the city. Visitors remember the stunning city for its exciting blend of interesting history and architecture with its vibrant and bustling cosmopolitan side, meaning you’ll find something for everyone to enjoy here.