Convenience and comfort in EUR district of Rome - 4 star - Rome

Convenience and comfort in EUR district of Rome – 4 star – Rome

Convenience and comfort in EUR district of Rome – 4 star – Rome

This great Secret Hotel has an over abundance of amazing features for a luxurious yet convenient visit to Rome with the added benefit of being set just outside of the busy streets of the city centre. Treat yourself to a massage at the hotel’s blissful spa or make the most out of the warm Italian summers in the hotel’s own private outdoor pool. Get a work out in at the contemporary fitness centre and gym, or enjoy a game of squash or tennis on the hotel’s own courts. The rooms do not disappoint either, luxuriously comfortable and fully equipped to give you a completely relaxing and enjoyable stay.

Experience convenience and comfort in the EUR district of Rome, set south of the main city centre and away from the hustle and bustle there is still much to do on your doorstep. The Porta san Paolo, originally named the Porta Ostiense was once the gates into the city of Rome and today these impressive brick gates now house the intriguing Ostiense Museum, an archaeological museum devoted to the ancient Roman city of Ostia and works that were found on the sight during an excavation period. The main collection features portraits of leading figures of ancient Ostia such as philosophers and royals. The museum also holds a vast collection of beautiful marble sculptures, don’t miss the incredible statue depicting Perseus holding the head of Medusa.

The Pyramid of Cestius is also just a stone’s throw from the hotel and is a perfect example of the rich history of ancient Rome. Originally built as a tomb for Gaius Cestius, a member of one the significant religious corporations of ancient Rome, the Septemviri Epulonum dates back to around 18 to 12 BC. Today it stands between two ancients roads, the Via Ostiensis and Via della Marmorata and is considered to be one of Rome’s most well preserved buildings.

As well as many hidden treasures surrounding the hotel, you can also quickly be in the city centre by Metro to see Rome’s iconic historical sights. The Trevi Fountain is one of the world’s most impressive and recognisable fountains. The vast body of bright blue water and the large cascading fountains make it one the most beautiful sights to see in Rome, throw a coin in the fountain to ensure your return to Rome as legend tells. Enjoy a coffee in one of surrounding cafés or indulge with a delicious traditional Italian gelato.