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Stunning trendy Belfast city centre hotel – 4 star – Belfast

Enjoy an enchanting stay at this four star Secret Hotel just a short walk from the city centre. Each one of the well appointed rooms has been specifically furnished to aid your relaxation, whilst you soak up the atmosphere that this exhilarating city thrives in! With a custom-made private bathroom/shower, a high speed internet connection, cable television, and even a sleek mini bar, plan your itinerary from the comfort of your own room – complete with the hotels authentic slippers and bathrobes!

With additional luxuries such as room service, free newspapers or assistance from the concierge team, leave some of the fine planning to the conscientious staff whilst you kick back and relax. Even if you need to complete some business, the hotel can help you with this too by giving you access to its professional business complex. Have a fantastic time at this stunning trendy Belfast city centre hotel!

Depending on your personality there are hundreds of activities to choose from. If you like the thrill of seeking out superb natural beauty then visiting the Mountains of Mourne is a must! The views on top of these rugged peaks, soaring high into the sky are unparalleled and absolutely stunning. If you’re lucky enough, on a clear day you may even be able to spot the imposing Snowdonia range found in North Wales, if you access a high enough point.

For natural beauty combined with exquisite architecture why not take a trip to Belfast Castle. This elegant fortress was first opened to the public in 1934 by the extremely altruistic Shaftesbury family. The backdrop surrounding this landmark is very picturesque (which is perhaps why many couples celebrate their wedding day here). As well as enchanting walks, you can also treat yourself to some delicious afternoon tea – a lavish experience for many.

The historians amongst you may wish to indulge in some fabulous art work and archaeological exhibitions, which can both be found at The Ulster museum. Various zones focus on different time points in history: one showcases archaeological finds relating to human civilisation such as treasure that was once found on board the Spanish Armada, or a mummified human; whilst another zone houses a magnificent 6m long Edmontosaurus dinosaur skeleton that always captures the imaginations of children!

Other fascinating buildings include the majestic Opera House and Odyssey arena which can be found in Titanic Quarter, and as you’re there make sure you find time to visit the famous Titanic exhibition that remembers the life and death of the grand vessel that continues to captivate audiences today!


Sumptuous, grand hotel in central Belfast – 5 star – Belfast

Situated close to the Cathedral Quarter, this sumptuous, grand hotel in central Belfast offers a lavish and VIP stay for anyone looking to visit this beautiful city. Fit for royalty, each one of the deluxe rooms is impeccably presented and furnished to offer you heavenly relaxation. In addition to the amenities you’d expect in any luxury hotel (such as an immaculate en-suite bathroom, a sleek TV, and a high speed internet connection), your stay is also rewarded with a fine bar serving mouth-watering cocktails, and a plush, up-market restaurant serving delicious dishes!

Whether it’s making theatre reservations or booking city tours, this establishment prides itself on offering each guest a personal service, so please utilise the 24 concierge team to help you plan your stay in Belfast. We recommend you start your tour by visiting a grand and historical landmark that celebrates the milestone of Belfast first being awarded its city status! Of course we mean Belfast City Hall, and with various tours exploring the grounds of this imposing building, you’ll learn why Queen Victoria upgraded Belfast to a powerful and world-leading city.

For picturesque scenery within the city, take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens – a paradise filled with lush and tropical plants. The Ulster Museum and a statue of Victorian scientist Lord Kelvin are also located within the grounds, which makes visiting this area a perfect family day out to experience history, travel and culture.

Magnificent architectural masterpieces are in no short supply either! Ulster House is a classic and vintage Victorian building that has hosted many spectacles including sport, music and dance, as well iconic names such as Charles Dickens. Its central feature is the grand Mulholland Organ, and this was utilised during WW2 when this building was used as a dance hall for US troops. Even today, it still attracts some hugely influential names and the Ulster Orchestra (who are internationally recognised) also performs here. Another music venue nearby is The Odyssey Arena and this huge entertainment complex is also a music magnet for current and world famous musicians and artists.

Lastly, because you are in a city with so much history, we believe everyone has to visit Titanic Belfast in order to gage how influential this city was during its ship-building days! Belfast really was a world-leader when it came to this relentless trade, and the colossal liner that was built will always be remembered in history as a place where dreams were made and lost.


Luxurious apartments in Belfast – 4 star – Belfast

Stay in these luxurious apartments in Belfast for a trip of a lifetime– highly equipped to suit all of your needs! Situated in an ideal location, and close to many tourist attractions, this apartment serves as a brilliant ‘epicentre’ to organise your personal bucket list for Belfast.

The apartment comes with all the essentials you require: a high speed internet connection, a full set of cooking facilities (including a microwave oven and a dining area), an ice cold fridge and freezer, a washing machine and dryer, and many more personal items. Not only this, but you will be also be provided with a luxurious private en-suite bathroom, a plasma screen television and a great view on the terrace and balcony.

When you decide you would like to explore this fabulous city, please take the map provided for you – it may just help you decide which places are worth visiting! Your temporary home is extremely close to Great Victoria Street Train Station – a major train station that can whisk you away to a multitude of destinations.

One landmark that is nearby and worth visiting is the Ulster Museum. This impressive concrete structure houses some fascinating exhibitions that span millions of years. You can journey through earth’s history and learn some fascinating facts about past human civilisations. As well as history, the museum also showcases over 3500 zoological specimens plus art exhibitions – meaning there really is something for everyone here.

On the back of this educational tour why not continue your thirst for historical knowledge by visiting the Ulster Folk and Transport museum – celebrating the construction, and remembering the sinking of Titanic. With more than 500 original artefacts, the atmosphere that once filled the grand vessel has been recreated so you can feel what it was like to be on board this magnificent ship!

Of course, since then Belfast has evolved to become a powerful 21st century city and no building epitomises this more than The Odyssey Arena. This magnificent music haven really does symbolise the rejuvenation of Belfast and how it can still offer you unique experiences that will live long in your memory.

Finally, why not end your stay with another unique experience – visiting The Belfast Wheel and hopping on board to gain a stunning view – right at the tip of the city’s skyline! This can end a perfect break in this exciting metropolis – filled with culture, history and tradition!

Trendy luxurious hotel in central Belfast! – 5 star – Belfast

Experience the vibrant and stylish personality that Belfast has to offer by staying in this luxurious five star contemporary hotel, right in the heart of the city! Bursting with charisma, and situated right next to some of the city’s best shopping, this hotel perfectly combines class with character to offer a unique experience for anyone that stays!

Inside this grand and sumptuous hotel, the dutiful concierge provides a personalised service to ensure that all of your needs are taken care of. Visit the well-equipped fitness centre, or just relax in the comfort of your room with your very own sleek mini bar and LCD flat screen TV. In addition to this, you can also watch some of your favourite movies with the Pay-per-view service, or even surf the web with the free internet access provided! Of course, should your visit involve some work then you will be able to access the professional business centre – complete with courier services and meeting rooms. There’s even a babysitting service if you find yourself being completely tied up with work commitments. We hope you enjoy this trendy luxurious hotel in central Belfast!

A specifically tailored tour of Belfast can be pre-arranged before you even step into the hotel –guaranteed to showcase the very best that Belfast has to offer! Of course should you wish to explore the city by your own means then start your adventure on the doorstep of the hotel, where some of Belfast’s best shopping lies and offers consumers some mouth-watering bargains.

Close by lies a classic Victorian theatre – The Grand Opera House. Designed by Frank Matcham, this exquisite masterpiece offers some of the best ballet, musical opera and pantomime experiences – which is perhaps one of the reasons that the world famous Pavarotti chose this venue to mark his UK debut!

Another nearby ‘titanic’ complex is the Odyssey Arena. Found in the same area where one of the greatest ever ships was built, this entertainment complex symbolises the evolution of Belfast into a 21st century metropolis. This huge and modern arena has such an electrifying atmosphere it comes as no surprise that it still attracts some of the biggest names in world music today. No trip to Belfast would be complete without a visit to Titanic Belfast – the historic monument that remembers one of Britain’s worst ever maritime disasters – so make sure you find time to visit this!

Lastly, why not finish your adventure by taking a journey on Belfast’s very own 60m tall ferris wheel – a structure that dominates the city’s skyline and offers a stunning view of the city.


Hotel with fabulous leisure facilities – 4 star – Belfast

Visit Belfast and experience a hotel with fabulous leisure facilities, situated right at the centre of this grand city. If you are looking for comfort then look no further than this gemstone which prioritises your satisfaction and contentment. With air conditioning, complimentary tea/coffee facilities, and cable television (complete with a pay-per-view movie selection service), each room is warm and welcoming to offer you the best possible relaxation. The room service means the attentive staff can deliver any personal amenities that you require whilst you can carry on enjoying the luxuries of your own room, such as the en-suite bathroom containing a private bath, the free internet access provided, or the stylish refrigerator offering chilled and ice-cold drinks. Your timetable is also taken into consideration, with the hotel offering a wake-up call at any time that you desire.

Explore this charismatic city with the map we provide, and choose any attractions that suit your personality! For those of you requiring some retail therapy, Belfast offers some fabulous shopping opportunities and great bargains can be found on the streets of this vibrant and classy city.

For a more historic and cultural experience, visiting ‘The Titanic Belfast’ is a must. Wander through time and experience what it was like to be alive in the early 1900’s, with chronological galleries documenting how this iconic liner was built right through to that infamous day in April 1912, over 100 years ago! It is officially the largest Titanic exhibition found in the world, and you really do get a sense of what it was like to live in Belfast at the time the Titanic was built.

Another magnificent attraction is The Grand Theatre, which showcases the best ballet and musical performances that Northern Ireland has to offer. This vintage and iconic Victorian arena was designed by one of the UK’s greatest ever theatrical architects and graced by the greatest opera singer of our time – Luciano Pavarotti. The theatre contains some exquisitely sculpted figures and the aura that fills this great arena is unforgettable.

Architectural enthusiasts should also visit Queen’s Quarter and Cathedral Quarter for more supreme and monumental buildings that exemplify the historic traditions of Belfast.

For a truly sublime view of the city take a trip to Belfast’s very own ferris wheel. At 60m tall, the outlook from the top of Belfast’s Big Wheel is unmatched anywhere else in the city, and can be the perfect end to a delightful stay in this vibrant and classy city.

An exciting city with a perfect hotel to compliment your stay. Enjoy Belfast!

Modern central hotel with free weekend parking – 4 star – Belfast

Enjoy the charm and character that Belfast exudes by staying in this modern central hotel with free weekend parking. The contemporary style offers you a deluxe and delightful stay, with warm welcoming staff here to prioritise your comfort! Guest rooms are well-furnished and fully equipped to help you unwind after an adventurous day spent exploring the city. With a clean and pristine en-suite attachment, a flat screen LCD television, pay-per-view movies and an ice cold mini bar, all rooms offer a cosy and comfortable stay for guests. Room service and wake up calls offer you a more exclusive service, and staff will even help to organise city tours to help you maximise your stay! Outside of your room, further hotel luxuries are available such as dry cleaning, currency exchange services, and superb banqueting options. You will also be given access to the unique business centre – complete with boardrooms and courier services.

Of course the concierge service will assist you with anything, but if you would like to plan your own adventure then there’s free internet access in the lobby and a provided map which will certainly aid you when it comes to choosing from the plethora of activities that Belfast offers.

Why not begin by taking a trip to Belfast Castle – a magnificent fortress revealed to the city in 1934 by The Earl of Shaftesbury. A popular attraction for traditional weddings, this vintage setting sits perfectly upon Cave Hill – offering stunning views of the surrounding area. After taking a stroll around the grounds why not indulge in some afternoon tea. We recommend finishing the day by visiting the antique shop to pick up some beautiful memorabilia.

For nature enthusiasts, be sure to immerse yourself in the stunning and colourful Botanic gardens, located on Stranmills Road. Its enchanting walkways are full of tropical and diverse flora – carefully maintained and managed to offer you a memorable experience.

The Odyssey Arena is also situated nearby. This colossal entertainment complex hosts some of the biggest names in world music today and showcases how Belfast has reinvented itself to become a modern 21st century city. Of course because it is nestled within the Titanic quarter, visiting the area where this great ship was once assembled is also something that almost always features on someone’s Belfast bucket list! With real-life archive accounts of what happened when the famous ship sunk, you really do feel like you are stepping back in time.

These are just some of the many attractions that you will be able to view whilst being in this stunning city. Enjoy Belfast!

Exceptional hotel with city centre location – 3 star – Belfast

Absorb the culture and history that Belfast offers whilst staying at this exceptional hotel with city centre location. The best of Belfast lies right on the doorstep of this fantastic hotel just waiting to be explored! With each room offering free tea/coffee facilities, plus a private bath and shower within the en-suite; why not indulge in a little luxury before and after exploring this energetic city! Also fitted with a TV, as well as a high speed internet connection to help plan your itinerary, not only are the rooms well equipped, they are also immaculate and well presented to make you feel welcome.

Staff are extremely friendly and always on hand to help you access some of the other hotel perks. These include: dry cleaning and laundry as well as conference rooms for any urgent business that needs to be dealt with.

With so many activities and attractions to choose from, Belfast really does have something to offer everyone. Why not begin your tour by visiting Belfast City Hall – an imposing Portland stoned and copper-domed building located in Donegall Square. Numerous sculpted figures and statues can be seen here, but one overshadows them all. At the forefront of the building stands Queen Victoria who first gave Belfast its city status in 1888. The commanding presence of Britain’s longest serving monarch, along with the surrounding imperial architecture celebrates Belfast’s traditions as a city famed for its engineering, ship building and rope-making. Guided tours can be arranged and picnic facilities are available to make this a fantastic family day out!

Other nearby empowering buildings include The Opera House and The Odyssey Arena. Whilst they differ in appearance (one is an elegant Victorian theatre, the other, an enormous, contemporary entertainment complex), what they both have in common is their ability to attract world famous musicians and artists. The Opera House was once graced by the powerful and emotional Pavarotti during his UK debut, whilst the Odyssey Arena has hosted some of today’s biggest names such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga. As both of these are situated within Titanic Quarter, visiting the location where Britain’s most infamous ship was built is also a must. Beautiful paintings document the life of a ship that still manages to capture people’s imaginations even today!

Of course because there are so many iconic attractions to see in Belfast, we know that wherever you go you’ll be leaving with a smile on your face!

A landmark in the the centre of Belfast – 4 star – Belfast

Soak up the atmosphere and history in a landmark in the the centre of Belfast, which now functions as a sumptuous hotel. Each one of the rooms is uniquely decorated and furnished to offer you tranquillity and comfort – enhancing your stay in this great city! With access to a television, an en-suite bathroom and a classy mini bar, this haven really does allow you to sit back and relax. If you fancy some fine dining then wander down to the restaurant – filled with delicious dishes and a fabulous array of wines tailored to satisfy your pallet!

The reception is open 24 hours a day should you require any assistance, and the polite and pleasant staff will always assist you with any queries, such as how to access the modem in your room. Staying in a landmark in the the centre of Belfast is an opportunity not to be missed.

Given the endless opportunities that Belfast offers, it is no surprise that you may struggle to narrow down an overflowing itinerary! Why not start by visiting must-see attractions and landmarks within touching distance of this hotel. One such place is Albert Clock, an impressive time keeper designed as a memorial to remember Queen Victoria’s late husband Prince Albert. Situated on Queen’s Square, this landmark is now surrounded by modern fountains and sculptures to offer you a perfect picture opportunity. Another milestone in Belfast’s history is close by, Belfast City Hall, another memorial, but this time to commemorate the great Queen Victoria herself, who first awarded Belfast its city status for its impressive engineering and ship building industry.

No visit to this city would ever be complete without visiting Titanic Belfast, a monument remembering Britain’s most infamous maritime disaster! Whilst you do visit this worthwhile attraction, be sure to also visit The Opera House or Odyssey Arena to view some more remarkable man-made structures that Belfast has created.

Slightly outside of the city but still nearby is a place of truly outstanding and stunning natural beauty, the Glens of Antrim. Comprised of 9 valleys that pour out to the coast, this picturesque gem of Northern Ireland is something that can only be experienced in person, as photos can never truly capture the awe-inspiring scenery. Another countryside jewel offering panoramic views of the natural beauty that Northern Ireland has to offer are the Mourne Mountains – suitable for anyone that loves hiking, mountain biking, or rock climbing.

These are just some of many places to visit, but whatever you decide on; we hope you’ll love Belfast as much as we do!


Outstanding value near historic attractions – 4 star – Belfast

Fall in love with Belfast whilst staying in this opulent and grand hotel, nestled within the university district. Close to many bars and cafes, this Secret Hotel is conveniently placed to act as a hub for any adventure planning during your stay in this vivacious city. Each room has a high speed internet connection to facilitate this, as well as other complimentary amenities such as cable television and tea/coffee. You can even request one of the hotels bathrobes to relax in after utilising your sparkling en-suite bathroom. Another luxury offered is room service should you wish to relax from the comfort of your bed! Don’t miss outstanding value near historic attractions in Belfast!

Begin your tour of Belfast at one of the top 10 oldest universities in the British Isles – Queen’s University Belfast. This magnificent academic institution has stood the test of time and still offers some of the best teaching found anywhere in the UK. Its iconic red bricked exterior filled with giant arched windows is said to be inspired by Magdalene College Oxford and it certainly attracts intelligence! Guided tours are available, and souvenirs can even be purchased from the Welcome Centre. Next door to this is Naughton Gallery which showcases ever-changing art exhibitions to satisfy any art enthusiasts!

For the historians amongst you why not visit Ulster Museum. This famous attraction contains fascinating archaeological finds that allow you to journey through time and explore various points within history. Some enticing human civilisation exhibitions showcase treasures that were once found on board the Spanish Armada, as well as mummified Egyptians that are thousands of years old. Other zoological and botanical exhibitions can also be found. This is an extremely interactive place and can make a fantastic family day out!

For more history lessons take a trip down to the Titanic Quarter of Belfast to explore the past ventures that once made it one of the greatest ship-building cities in the world. Another close by attraction is the Odyssey Arena which symbolises Belfast’s rejuvenation into a modern and vibrant city.

If you feel that you don’t have time to see everything this energetic city has to offer then make sure you take a trip to the Belfast Wheel to at least leave with a stunning view of this metropolis! With so much to do in Belfast it’s great that this deluxe hotel offers you outstanding value on accommodation for as many nights as you like. Enjoy the rich culture in this city!

Luxurious haven close to Belfast city centre – 4 star – Belfast

Experience a luxurious haven close to Belfast city centre, offering you a peaceful getaway to the countryside with fantastic scenery, whilst still being close enough to visit and enjoy the city centre! Situated 10 minutes away from Belfast, this hotel really is perfect for those looking for a combination of peace and tranquillity, along with the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Within this luxurious establishment, you are invited to try the delightfully relaxing spa treatments and massages on offer – guaranteed to ease any tensions as you unwind and take it easy! If these aren’t enough then why not alleviate any left-over stress by taking a dip in the well maintained swimming pool or working out in the fully equipped gym. Even within each room, your comfort is always the hotels first concern, where you can enjoy the private bathtub and shower, along with flat screen LCD TV and free internet access – everything aimed to enhance your experience. Of course by staying in this magnificent complex you also have access to some of the hotel privileges such as wake-up calls, free newspapers, and even free parking – avoiding expensive city fares!

Explore the stunning surroundings and feel free to indulge in some fishing, or even rent one of the hotel bicycles and take a trip around the surrounding green and luscious land. Children especially will enjoy this, but if it does rain then don’t panic – there’s a games rooms and kids clubs within the hotel to keep them entertained whilst parents become immersed in some of the other indoor facilities, such as Jacuzzis, saunas and beauty rooms! Even when it comes to eating, look no further than this hotel – its banqueting services are bound to rustle up something that can satisfy your taste buds.

Should you wish to explore and experience the culture of Belfast then please take the in room map to help you plan an exciting itinerary! There are so many attractions to visit: from the jaw-dropping monument celebrating the Titanic, to the majestic Opera House, this city really does appeal to people from all walks of life. We personally recommend you take in the atmosphere by hopping onto The Belfast Wheel. This magnificent structure rises high into the sky and offers exhilarating views of the city.

Whether its relaxation you’re looking for, or an adventure, this Secret Hotel offers you both so be sure to book a stay and enjoy the wonders that Northern Ireland has to offer!