Travelocity Secret Hotels Reviews Revealed

Travelocity: Great Features, Great Price, Little Worry

view-offersHow many times have you heard your annoying neighbour, brother-in-law, or work colleague go on ad nauseum about the great savings he or she found on the internet?  Wouldn’t you like to be in on the secret as well?  Fortunately, with Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels, you too can become a member of that secret society of savings.

How Does Top Secret Work?

Visit the Travelocity website, choose the Hotels tab, and then choose the option, about mid-way down on the left hand side, for Top Secret Hotels.  Also, you could choose the option box marked “Find Top Secret Hotels” under the hotel search function.


Simply choose your location or destination, the check-in and check-out dates, the number of rooms required and the number of guests.  On the next web screen, you will be presented with hotels in areas around the location of your search criteria.  You can then filter these results based upon price, star rating, review rating, amenities, and location area.


Clicking on the hotel link will give you more information about the hotel, such as room amenities, a map of the hotel’s location, and the total cost of your stay.


The name and address of the hotel is hidden at this point and will only be revealed once your booking has been reserved and paid for.  This secret hotel search allows hotels to offer incredible savings for rooms that would cost more if sold for the base retail price.  For many travellers, it doesn’t matter what hotel they book with, so long as it has the amenities they desire, it is located in the preferable area, it is clean and safe, and available at the right price.  Some travellers book based upon brand loyalty, or depending on whether or not there is a reward program offered or in effect.  With the Top Secret Hotel option, the vendor partners of Travelocity can attract new guests and clients to their hotel based solely on price, location, and amenities offered.  The benefit for the customer is a new destination find, or experiencing something new for a great price.  As well, customers are able to book a highly rated hotel for a budget hotel price.  This can create a new and loyal client base for that particular hotel or even that hotel brand.  It is also a great feature to use for last minute trips and getaways.  It also encourages travelers to try new destinations without the worry of combing through pages of reviews to find the perfect hotel in a choice location.  More time can be spent on finding adventures and sights to see rather than worrying about where to stay.

Before booking, on the final screen, it is strongly recommended and in your best interest to read over the policies listed.  The hotel policies may vary from hotel to hotel and include such policies as the reservation is guaranteed for late arrival; stays are ineligible for hotel award points; no refunds will be given for unused nights; and bed type, smoking preference and in-room amenities are subject to availability.  In all cases, the reservation is non-changeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.   The price of the hotel room is based upon up to two guests per room.  Extra charges for additional guests in the same room may apply and you should check with Travelocity first before booking if that is the case.

One of the benefits of booking through Travelocity is the fact that should a traveller run into an issue, the Travelocity staff are available to make things right.  That is the Travelocity guarantee and it is promises to assist clients with whatever traveling troubles they encounter during their Travelocity booked services.  Presently, not all travel destinations are covered by Travelocity’s Top Secret Hotels service, but the list is constantly growing.  If you have a favourite destination or hotel in mind, you should make Travelocity and the hotel aware that you would like this destination or this hotel included in searches or to become a Travelocity partner.

For your next vacation or last minute destination, consider the Travelocity Top Secret Hotels option when searching for a hotel.  The most difficult decision of your trip will not be where to stay, but rather what fabulous food spot will you try next.