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London Greenwich 4* amazing deals

London Greenwich 4* amazing deals

Booking Agent Description: What's the big secret? Shhh, we've managed to get you exclusive hotel deals from our leading chain and independent hotel partners. The other guests in the hotel would be jealous if they knew how cheap your room was, so the hotel wants to keep it a secret. Check out our Top Secret Explained video for more details. Don't worry, as soon as the booking has been made we will let you in on the secret - please remember to keep it under your hat. We will also send you an email so you have a record confirming all of your booking details including the name and address of the hotel you have reserved.A contemporary 4 star hotel in the heart of maritime Greenwich. Not only is it close to Greenwich Park and the Royal Observatory; there are excellent transport links to London attractions including the Olympic Park, the O2 and Canary Wharf. Pets are allowed and there’s free wifi, a restaurant, bar and fitness centre too.

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Those seeking a refined Italian city break swathed in culture and ancient history need look no further than this exceptional 4* Hot Rate hotel located just a stone’s throw from Rome’s famed Appian Way. Charming, traditionally furnished double en-suite guest rooms are available to Hotwire customers at just a fraction of the advertised price, meaning that luxury accommodation needn’t come at premium prices. Despite being surrounded by picturesque parkland and pristine rural countryside, the hotel features all the latest modern amenities, such as free high speed Wi-Fi internet and a fully equipped business centre comprising of numerous fully-equipped meeting rooms; perfect for executive guests on business in the Italian capital.

Hotel guests are privileged to be within walking distance of one of the earliest and most important of all the ancient Roman roads, the Appian Way. Established as early as 312 BC, the road was constructed to connect the capital to the southern city of Brindisi for strategic use by the mighty Roman army. Relics from its ancient past can still be admired today as the road is lined with numerous holy catacombs, intact Roman baths and the tombs of former important Empire officials. Tourists are advised to pay a visit to the nearby St Sebastian Catacombs, an ornate basilica containing a mausoleum and tomb for numerous significant religious figures.

Also within walking distance is the sprawling Parco della Caffarella, picturesquely contained within the Caffarella Valley. As well as a boasting swathes of untouched green parkland and stunning natural vistas, the park is home to numerous landmarks of archaeological interest, including preserved temples used for worshipping Roman gods and the remains of a 7th century church. The park is the ideal destination for families in which to relax and explore in, offering plenty of shade for picnics during the stifling summer months.

Hotel guests seeking to experience the livelier side of the capital are advised to sample San Lorenzo’s electric nightlife scene. Located within the trendy Tiburtino neighbourhood, San Lorenzo is easily accessible from either the Tiburtina or Policlinico metro stations, northeast of Rome’s historic city centre. Distinguished by its huge number of charming family-run bistros serving traditional local cuisine, fashionable wine bars and highly regarded night clubs, San Lorenzo is a popular nighttime hang out for students and the city’s ‘it’ crowd. However, guests may prefer to stay closer to the hotel in the Ostiense neighbourhood, another similarly fashionable area famous for its contemporary electro clubs.