A stylish New York haven with outstanding customer service. – 5 star – New York City

Experience a stylish New York haven with outstanding customer service, located near to East Village. The hotel includes airport transfers, Wi Fi and private dining for groups. It is perfect for business due to its excellent business centre and meeting rooms. Those who need to let off some steam should take advantage of the hotel’s leisure club. Your stay in this hotel is bound to be simply incredible. It is the perfect base for an exploration of one of the world’s greatest cities.

If you’re a sucker for stand up comedy then your first objective should be to hit up the New York Comedy Club, an excellent venue where you can watch the best comedians on the circuit perform, and also some great up and coming comic talent. If you’re feeling brave enough you can step up to the club’s stage with its famous red brick wall lurching behind you and perform your own gags on one of the club’s open mic nights. It is an intimate venue that is guaranteed to give you a night of great entertainment.

Stop by the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which is located in the East Village, to learn about the history of the Holocaust victims. The Museum commemorates the lives lost during this period. It is an excellent cultural landmark visited by people the world over.

The East Village has an excellent theatre scene. Head to the Metropolitan Playhouse to watch productions of classic and new American plays. The Bouwerie Lane Theatre also offers a unique selection of plays to be enjoyed.

One area that is definitely worth travelling to is Harlem. Harlem is forever blossoming; it now boasts an excellent assortment of shops, bars and restaurants. Harlem has a rich and vibrant history, where some excellent African American artists and musicians were able to flourish. It was home to the great Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes, and where innovative jazz musician Louis Armstrong developed his trade. An excellent African American fine arts showcase can be found in the form of the Studio Museum, which is well worth a visit for every culture vulture.

Visit the Harlem Tavern for an excellent range of beers – there are 80 different types and have some weekend brunch whilst you experience a live jazz performance. Art from local galleries is often showcased in the venue also. I would recommend trying the delicious Moroccan spiced lamb burger that is served there.