Great boutique hotel close to the downtown – 4 star – Budapest

Situated just a short walk from the buzzing centre of the city, this Top Secret Hotel is the ideal location to make the most of your time in Budapest!

Rooms are designed in a modern and contemporary style, and are equipped with a number of excellent facilities to allow you to relax in style. Each room is fitted with a spacious en-suite bathroom, equipped with complimentary toiletries and other facilities for your convenience. Guests can access the Internet from bedrooms free of charge, and there is a state of the art flat screen LCD television in each room for your entertainment. Rooms also include a well-stocked mini-bar with a number of drinks and snacks available, and there is a refrigerator in your room for additional items.

The staff, at this great boutique hotel close to the downtown, provide guests with excellent service, and have a wealth of local knowledge should you require any assistance during your stay. Guests can find a number of services available at the 24-hour reception desk, including efficient laundry and dry cleaning facilities, airport transfer services, a supermarket, and there is free Wi-Fi access in the lobby area for your convenience. Guests who are visiting on business can utilise the Business Centre facilities, which include spacious board rooms and excellent presentation equipment.

One of the top attractions in Budapest that showcases the country’s Communist past is Memento Park, which contains over 40 pieces of art from the period of Communism between 1945 and 1989. A number of the monuments to be found here depict famous personalities from this period, including Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, all considered to be key names in Communist thought. Other statues depict those who fought for the Red Army and other soldiers, including the Liberation Army Soldier, which depicts a man holding a hammer and sickle flag and a machine pistol hanging from his neck. The park has become a popular attraction for both locals and tourists, depicting the intricate history and development of Communism and the state of Hungary itself over the 20th century, and is a must-see for history lovers.

Nightlife in Budapest is regarded as one of the best in Europe, with a diverse range of bars and clubs that make the capital come alive at night all year round. DiVino is regarded as the city’s most popular wine bar, providing drinkers with a vibrant atmosphere and a huge selection of wines to choose from, with 10cl glasses available so you can try a range and try to find your favourite tipple!