Perfect choice hotel in new Dubai – 5 star – Dubai

Allow yourself to be utterly spoiled by 5 star luxury at this elegant and unique Top Secret Hotel in Dubai’s vibrant Jebel Ali district. The interiors of the hotel take traditional Arabian designs and bring them up-to-date with a contemporary flair, creating a warm aesthetic and a relaxing ambiance. The Jebel Ali neighbourhood is located on the fringe of the Arabian Gulf, which gifts many of the rooms with views of the azure waters and stunning beaches. Other guest rooms boast views of the immaculate gardens with their exotic flora and outdoor swimming pools. There is plenty to see and do in the surrounding area, from excellent sporting activities to tranquil spa days – you’ll be blown away by the choice! This really is a perfect choice hotel in new Dubai!

Especially popular for family beach vacations, this superior hotel provides guests with an extensive range of modern and convenient facilities, such as a daily shuttle service to the nearby beach, free onsite parking and WiFi. There are both fine-dining and casual restaurants at the hotel, suitable for every occasion, from business meetings to birthday parties, as well as bars serving exquisite cocktails and international wines. Families travelling with young children can leave the kids to play and meet others at the entertainment programmes organised by the hotel, while the parents enjoy some downtime either by the pool, on the golf course or at the health club.

The Jebel Ali district of Dubai is a thriving hub of activity and entertainment, so whatever your interests or preferences, you’ll never be short of something to see or do! To take a breather from the heat, why not catch a movie at the immense Grand Megaplex Cinema on Gardens Cross Road, where you will find a varied listing of international and local films. Just steps from the cinema is a café super popular with all sweet-tooths – Chocomelt, full of delectable chocolaty treats and sugar-coated delicacies.

Art-lovers shouldn’t miss a visit to the Cuadro Museum and Fine Art Gallery, one of the leading collections of contemporary and modern art in the Gulf. With the ever-rotating curated exhibitions there are often displays of very different artistic styles and approaches, and each of them are often accompanied by related workshops and talks from the collectors or artists. Occasionally there are events open to the public which aim to educate and further contribute to the community’s arts culture, such as auctions, openings, panel discussions and one-off exhibitions.