Best deal! Design hotel near Gendarmenmarkt – 4 star – Berlin

Stunning historical architecture, bustling local markets and exclusive shopping streets await you at this stylish design hotel near Gendarmenmarkt. The 4 star Top Secret Hotel offers fantastic value for money on their chic guest rooms throughout the year, so whether you’re visiting in winter to experience the famous Christmas market, or for a summer city break, this is the perfect choice. Only recently opened, the property is fitted with modern and convenient amenities such as dry cleaning facilities, car rental desk, onsite parking, and currency exchange. The spacious and comfortable rooms offer guests a television, safe, free internet, mini-bar and en-suite bathroom for an outstanding and successful stay in the city. With such an abundance of local attractions, museums, restaurants and shops on your doorstep, you will be able to explore the fascinating city at your leisure, or easily reach business meetings and conferences with the straightforward public transport links that run nearby.

Understand more of the city you’re visiting by taking a trip to the iconic Reichstag building, home to the German government, the Bundestag. The spectacular and un-missable building is a striking piece of architecture in its own right, first built in 1894 and later made-over by Lord Norman Foster. The remarkable glass dome with its central mirrored funnel is an addition made by Foster and the perfect spot to appreciate panoramic views of the city’s skyline. The lift ride up to the dome also takes you to the extravagant restaurant, where you can enjoy a delicious menu of international and local delicacies, accompanied by a stunning view. To avoid the long queues try visiting in the evening or early morning.

Another important landmark, crucial to the history of the city, is the Brandenburg Gate. During the Cold War, this vast monument was a symbol of division but today it represents the country’s reunification and harmony. Built in 1791 along with 17 other city gates, this is the only one that remains and is adorned with an intricate Quadriga sculpture on top, with the goddess of glory steering a horse-drawn carriage.

Mix art and dining in an intimate and friendly atmosphere at Dada Falafel, a Middle Eastern takeaway restaurant with an adjoining art gallery. The homemade and freshly prepared falafel is lovingly made by the restaurant’s namesake himself, Dada, and comes topped with an array of tangy, spicy and creamy sauces to bring a taste of the East to Berlin. Famous with and adored by the locals, this place usually has a queue outside, but it’s most definitely worth the wait!