Stunning views on the Vatican City! – 4 star – Rome

This marvellous Secret Hotel offers one of a kind views over one of Rome’s most world renowned and quintessential sights, St. Peter’s Square and the Vatican. The hotel’s own private roof garden is the perfect spot to enjoy the Italian sunshine and see the stunning St Peter’s Square like no other visitor can, or take a dip in the hotel’s private pool. The hotel’s restaurant serves a complimentary buffet breakfast and the snack bar is open for lunches and dinner. The luxurious rooms are fully equipped with every deluxe feature for a sumptuously comfortable stay, with plasma TVs, free internet access, air conditioning and so much more.

This fantastic hotel benefits from an amazing location, with stunning views on the Vatican City, the epitome of Rome’s fascinating history that is still just as significant and important today. This magnificent little city is the world’s smallest independent state that is situated within the city of Rome; this tiny country is home to some of Europe’s most iconic sights including St Peter’s Square and St Peter’s Basilica that has been seen world-wide during important Catholic and Papal events. The Sistine Chapel also calls home to the Vatican City, a tiny yet impressive chapel where you can see the legendary ceiling paintings by Michelangelo that depict images from the book of Genesis and the story of the Creation of Adam, with God and Adam’s touching hands being one of the most world famous images from art throughout history. There is also many other lesser known collections of stunning art work and sculpture, beautiful gardens and awe inspiring architecture within the Vatican so it is advised to book a guided tour. There many different options available from group tours to private ones, showing you all there is to be discovered about this small yet outstanding city.

Also near by the hotel is the gorgeous Piazza Venezia, home to the Il Vittoriano monument on the Capitoline Hill that honours the first King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel II. This impressive marble monument is well worth a visit and you can climb to the top for beautiful views of Rome and an interesting Military Museum or ride the elevator all the way to the top floor to see the best panoramic views of the city. The Piazza Venezia is also a great place to enjoy Rome’s world famous Gelato and catch up with friends over a coffee or simply enjoy the buzzing atmosphere with many interesting street vendors, performers and artists.