Sumptuous, grand hotel in central Belfast – 5 star – Belfast

Situated close to the Cathedral Quarter, this sumptuous, grand hotel in central Belfast offers a lavish and VIP stay for anyone looking to visit this beautiful city. Fit for royalty, each one of the deluxe rooms is impeccably presented and furnished to offer you heavenly relaxation. In addition to the amenities you’d expect in any luxury hotel (such as an immaculate en-suite bathroom, a sleek TV, and a high speed internet connection), your stay is also rewarded with a fine bar serving mouth-watering cocktails, and a plush, up-market restaurant serving delicious dishes!

Whether it’s making theatre reservations or booking city tours, this establishment prides itself on offering each guest a personal service, so please utilise the 24 concierge team to help you plan your stay in Belfast. We recommend you start your tour by visiting a grand and historical landmark that celebrates the milestone of Belfast first being awarded its city status! Of course we mean Belfast City Hall, and with various tours exploring the grounds of this imposing building, you’ll learn why Queen Victoria upgraded Belfast to a powerful and world-leading city.

For picturesque scenery within the city, take a stroll through the Botanic Gardens – a paradise filled with lush and tropical plants. The Ulster Museum and a statue of Victorian scientist Lord Kelvin are also located within the grounds, which makes visiting this area a perfect family day out to experience history, travel and culture.

Magnificent architectural masterpieces are in no short supply either! Ulster House is a classic and vintage Victorian building that has hosted many spectacles including sport, music and dance, as well iconic names such as Charles Dickens. Its central feature is the grand Mulholland Organ, and this was utilised during WW2 when this building was used as a dance hall for US troops. Even today, it still attracts some hugely influential names and the Ulster Orchestra (who are internationally recognised) also performs here. Another music venue nearby is The Odyssey Arena and this huge entertainment complex is also a music magnet for current and world famous musicians and artists.

Lastly, because you are in a city with so much history, we believe everyone has to visit Titanic Belfast in order to gage how influential this city was during its ship-building days! Belfast really was a world-leader when it came to this relentless trade, and the colossal liner that was built will always be remembered in history as a place where dreams were made and lost.