Stunning trendy Belfast city centre hotel – 4 star – Belfast

Enjoy an enchanting stay at this four star Secret Hotel just a short walk from the city centre. Each one of the well appointed rooms has been specifically furnished to aid your relaxation, whilst you soak up the atmosphere that this exhilarating city thrives in! With a custom-made private bathroom/shower, a high speed internet connection, cable television, and even a sleek mini bar, plan your itinerary from the comfort of your own room – complete with the hotels authentic slippers and bathrobes!

With additional luxuries such as room service, free newspapers or assistance from the concierge team, leave some of the fine planning to the conscientious staff whilst you kick back and relax. Even if you need to complete some business, the hotel can help you with this too by giving you access to its professional business complex. Have a fantastic time at this stunning trendy Belfast city centre hotel!

Depending on your personality there are hundreds of activities to choose from. If you like the thrill of seeking out superb natural beauty then visiting the Mountains of Mourne is a must! The views on top of these rugged peaks, soaring high into the sky are unparalleled and absolutely stunning. If you’re lucky enough, on a clear day you may even be able to spot the imposing Snowdonia range found in North Wales, if you access a high enough point.

For natural beauty combined with exquisite architecture why not take a trip to Belfast Castle. This elegant fortress was first opened to the public in 1934 by the extremely altruistic Shaftesbury family. The backdrop surrounding this landmark is very picturesque (which is perhaps why many couples celebrate their wedding day here). As well as enchanting walks, you can also treat yourself to some delicious afternoon tea – a lavish experience for many.

The historians amongst you may wish to indulge in some fabulous art work and archaeological exhibitions, which can both be found at The Ulster museum. Various zones focus on different time points in history: one showcases archaeological finds relating to human civilisation such as treasure that was once found on board the Spanish Armada, or a mummified human; whilst another zone houses a magnificent 6m long Edmontosaurus dinosaur skeleton that always captures the imaginations of children!

Other fascinating buildings include the majestic Opera House and Odyssey arena which can be found in Titanic Quarter, and as you’re there make sure you find time to visit the famous Titanic exhibition that remembers the life and death of the grand vessel that continues to captivate audiences today!