Outstanding value near historic attractions – 4 star – Belfast

Fall in love with Belfast whilst staying in this opulent and grand hotel, nestled within the university district. Close to many bars and cafes, this Secret Hotel is conveniently placed to act as a hub for any adventure planning during your stay in this vivacious city. Each room has a high speed internet connection to facilitate this, as well as other complimentary amenities such as cable television and tea/coffee. You can even request one of the hotels bathrobes to relax in after utilising your sparkling en-suite bathroom. Another luxury offered is room service should you wish to relax from the comfort of your bed! Don’t miss outstanding value near historic attractions in Belfast!

Begin your tour of Belfast at one of the top 10 oldest universities in the British Isles – Queen’s University Belfast. This magnificent academic institution has stood the test of time and still offers some of the best teaching found anywhere in the UK. Its iconic red bricked exterior filled with giant arched windows is said to be inspired by Magdalene College Oxford and it certainly attracts intelligence! Guided tours are available, and souvenirs can even be purchased from the Welcome Centre. Next door to this is Naughton Gallery which showcases ever-changing art exhibitions to satisfy any art enthusiasts!

For the historians amongst you why not visit Ulster Museum. This famous attraction contains fascinating archaeological finds that allow you to journey through time and explore various points within history. Some enticing human civilisation exhibitions showcase treasures that were once found on board the Spanish Armada, as well as mummified Egyptians that are thousands of years old. Other zoological and botanical exhibitions can also be found. This is an extremely interactive place and can make a fantastic family day out!

For more history lessons take a trip down to the Titanic Quarter of Belfast to explore the past ventures that once made it one of the greatest ship-building cities in the world. Another close by attraction is the Odyssey Arena which symbolises Belfast’s rejuvenation into a modern and vibrant city.

If you feel that you don’t have time to see everything this energetic city has to offer then make sure you take a trip to the Belfast Wheel to at least leave with a stunning view of this metropolis! With so much to do in Belfast it’s great that this deluxe hotel offers you outstanding value on accommodation for as many nights as you like. Enjoy the rich culture in this city!