Hotel with fabulous leisure facilities – 4 star – Belfast

Visit Belfast and experience a hotel with fabulous leisure facilities, situated right at the centre of this grand city. If you are looking for comfort then look no further than this gemstone which prioritises your satisfaction and contentment. With air conditioning, complimentary tea/coffee facilities, and cable television (complete with a pay-per-view movie selection service), each room is warm and welcoming to offer you the best possible relaxation. The room service means the attentive staff can deliver any personal amenities that you require whilst you can carry on enjoying the luxuries of your own room, such as the en-suite bathroom containing a private bath, the free internet access provided, or the stylish refrigerator offering chilled and ice-cold drinks. Your timetable is also taken into consideration, with the hotel offering a wake-up call at any time that you desire.

Explore this charismatic city with the map we provide, and choose any attractions that suit your personality! For those of you requiring some retail therapy, Belfast offers some fabulous shopping opportunities and great bargains can be found on the streets of this vibrant and classy city.

For a more historic and cultural experience, visiting ‘The Titanic Belfast’ is a must. Wander through time and experience what it was like to be alive in the early 1900’s, with chronological galleries documenting how this iconic liner was built right through to that infamous day in April 1912, over 100 years ago! It is officially the largest Titanic exhibition found in the world, and you really do get a sense of what it was like to live in Belfast at the time the Titanic was built.

Another magnificent attraction is The Grand Theatre, which showcases the best ballet and musical performances that Northern Ireland has to offer. This vintage and iconic Victorian arena was designed by one of the UK’s greatest ever theatrical architects and graced by the greatest opera singer of our time – Luciano Pavarotti. The theatre contains some exquisitely sculpted figures and the aura that fills this great arena is unforgettable.

Architectural enthusiasts should also visit Queen’s Quarter and Cathedral Quarter for more supreme and monumental buildings that exemplify the historic traditions of Belfast.

For a truly sublime view of the city take a trip to Belfast’s very own ferris wheel. At 60m tall, the outlook from the top of Belfast’s Big Wheel is unmatched anywhere else in the city, and can be the perfect end to a delightful stay in this vibrant and classy city.

An exciting city with a perfect hotel to compliment your stay. Enjoy Belfast!