Historic hotel in the heart of Cambridge – 4 star – Cambridge

This traditional Top Secret Hotel is located at the heart of Cambridge city centre, providing you with a fantastic location to get around one of the UK’s finest cities!

Rooms, in this historic hotel in the heart of Cambridge, are beautifully furnished and come complete with several useful amenities for your convenience. The beds are extremely comfortable and are tended to by staff to a very high standard, making your stay as relaxing as possible. The property has a wonderful restaurant on site, which often source local produce in their fantastic array of delicious meals. You can also take time to relax in the hotel bar, enjoying some fine wines or beautifully British beer!

Cambridge is visited by thousands of tourists every year, and is particularly popular in the summer time. If you are visiting when the weather is nice, why not embark on a punting tour? As one of the great Cambridge traditions, punting tours allow you to explore the backs of the beautiful university colleges as you float along the River Cam. If you choose to have a guided tour, you will hear fascinating stories from Cambridge’s history, including plenty of architectural facts about the picturesque buildings and bridges that you will pass on your tour. One of the most aesthetically pleasing colleges is Trinity College, founded by Henry VIII in 1546, and is the wealthiest of all the Cambridge University Colleges. Be sure to have your camera ready as you go past, it is easy to see why it features on so many postcards! Punting is suitable for all ages and lifejackets are provided if you need – and a trip on a boat would not be complete without a delicious picnic!

Cambridge is also home to some wonderful and traditional pubs that are dotted all around the city. The Eagle is particularly popular and is steeped in history too – the so-called ‘RAF Room’ has a ceiling covered in graffiti that dates back to World War Two! The pub is also famous for the location where Francis Crick and James Watson announced their discovery of the DNA helix structure, and this is commemorated with a plaque at the front of the pub. The Eagle also has a picturesque beer garden, ideal for warm evenings or if you want to catch some sun with a refreshing drink! Just next-door is the Bath House Pub, which has a terrific choice of beers, ales and wines, as well as serving traditional and delicious pub food!

Have a wonderful time in historical Cambridge!