Elegant spa hotel perfectly located for shopping! – 4 star – Birmingham

Enrich your experience of the Second City with a stay at this beautiful, Top Secret Hotel. With an enchanting location near Edgbaston, this elegant spa hotel perfectly located for shopping will stun you and ensure that you have a wonderful break in Birmingham. Whilst the city is famed for it’s history-rich culture, vibrant nightlife and status as an international, commercial hub, the gorgeous location of this property will be sure to add another dimension to your trip. This elegant and sophisticated hotel contains a comprehensive spa, which can guarantee relaxation for the most stressed of tourists. In addition to the lavish spa facilities, the hotel features exquisitely furnished rooms. The hotel’s friendly staff will do all they can to ensure a comfortable environment to make it easier for you to unwind. In addition to all of the amenities you would expect, the hotel also offers connecting rooms and cable televisions.

You will be only moments away from Edgbaston, an area of the city which has a reputation for affluence and charming scenery. For a picturesque day out, stroll down to the Edgbaston reservoir and take a canoe on the water. Steps away are the Martineau Gardens, a quaint area of greenery upon which you can relax with a picnic. The gardens have been awarded the Green Flag Award for well-kept green space for the past 3 years. For a greater array of flora and fauna, head to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. Enjoy a cake from the tearoom whilst taking in the serenity accompanying such a magnificent site.

Expect to find cultural sites in Edgbaston too. Perrott’s Folly, a 30-metre tower regarded as one of the city’s oldest architectural structures, was built in 1758. There is a great deal of mythology surrounding the tower, which those with a penchant for history will be keen to discover, as many different stories speculate the reasons why John Perrott built the tower. In addition to this, it has said that the folly, together with the close by water works tower, formed the inspiration for “The Two Towers.” J.R.R Tolkein spent time as a teen in Edgbaston, and may have based the focus of the second entry of his masterpiece “The Lord of the Rings” on these sights.

After spending some tranquil time in Edgbaston, be sure to dazzle your senses by sampling the delicious cuisine that the area has to offer. Edgbaston boasts its own Michelin starred chef in Andreas Antona, whose restaurant Simpson’s is found in a grade-II listed Georgian villa. Utilising the finest seasonal produce, which is purchased fresh every single day, you can be assured that the food is of the highest quality. With reasonable prices for such a well-renowned eatery, this place must not be missed and will undoubtedly be a wonderful way to finish a memorable stay in the City.